Lenses: Did they get it right??

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Re: No, they did not - add Luminous Landscape opinion

Yes, I agree that the new Zeiss series is clearly designed to complement NEX cameras, which so far offered very few quality lenses (Zeiss cooperated with Sony for a long time, so no surprise here). I found it a bit bizarre though that so many people reacted strongly to opinion that the Touits make little sense for Fuji.

Just published (today) opinion from a very reputable Luminous Landscape again expresses the same opinion:

"...the focal lengths chosen for these first offerings (on the Fuji cameras at least) are odd ones. Fuji already has a highly regarded 14mm f/2.8 and similarly a well respected 35mm f/1.4. The 14mm is priced at $900, hundreds less than the Touit 12mm, and the 35mm Fuji is just $600, again some $300 less expensive than the Zeiss lenses."

...but at least if you buy considerably more expensive Zeiss optics, you will get higher optical quality, right? Well, not so fast:

"...small differences, to be sure, but none that we believe even the most neurotic lens examiner could use to declare one to be clearly superior to the other, in either focal length."


deednets wrote:

wayfarers wrote:

I agree with you. This is, obviously, my opinion, but it does not appear to be that uncommon:

"Zeiss made a series of Touit lenses that are close to useless for the X- system. Neither the 12mm nor the 32mm lens seem to be able better their Fuji counterparts. They are just more expensive. The 50/2,8 makro seems to be the stranges one. Who needs such a lens when Fuji already has a very sharp 60/2,4 macro?" From: http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/51649553

Zeiss appears to be desperately looking for new ways to expand into the market which was never of any interest to them: I do not remember Zeiss ever making prime lenses with plastic external finish and no depth of field scale. What next: a PlayStation photo attachment? Oh well, times are changing...

The general perception on this forum seems to be that it's all sweet and the overlaps were caused by the main focus being on the NEX system. I essentially agree with that perception but understanding why does not change the offerings for the Fuji system much.

Thought it would have been a nice opportunity for ZEISS to be part of a new quality (!) system.

At least for the time being nothing in it for me this time round ... still not too convinced I should just be a happy camper.


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