Continuation of my Nikon D4 assymetrical AF saga Part III

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Re: Continuation of my Nikon D4 assymetrical AF saga Part III

I've played with many lenses and conclude that 50 1.4D is a great lens for this test due to CA & sharpness properties and you can easy judge a left or assymetrical AF problem on various bodies while utilising the 50 1.4D. The standard test for this problem for the D800 & also various maintenance test for many pro bodies also involves a custom calibrated 50 1.4D based on my knowledge.

That's interesting. I have a 50/1.4 pre-D AF lens, which I assume has exactly the same optics.

But I've also heard that the left focus problem gets more obvious when wide angle lenses are used. I remember hearing people saying that it was really severe with a 28/1.8 or something like that, and pretty much unnoticeable with a 200mm or so lens.

I guess it's completely off topic, but do you notice some purple halation when using the lens wide open, particularly in very bright sunlight? It's kind of like a purple glow around high contrast edges. It's usually not a problem at all, but kind of changes the 'look' of things when the lens is used wide open in bright sunlight.

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