Hillary Clinton - top 3 aaccomplishments

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Re: It really doesn't matter

Chato wrote:

If she runs, she's going to win. The recent attempt to make her look bad over Benghazzi has completely back fired, except in the minds of Fox viewers. It's a pathetic commentary on todays Republican Party that a right wing Democrat like Hillary will bury any of her opponents from the Republicans. It's not that Ms. Clinton is "good," it's that she's part of the 21 century, while Republicans are desperately fighting to go back to 1880. :

If she runs and she wins, I wonder how she will deal with the issues in a different way than Pres. Obama. During the first campaign 5 or so years ago, she said that Barak Obama didn't have the experience to lead effectively. With the turnover of the economy to the banker by appointment  and one huge amount of dollars and the lack of prosecution of former Bush people- not to mention the CEOs of those banks, it was as if he arrived at world war 3 armed with just a smile. It didn't work and now, backed into a corner, I wonder what would have been different with H. Clinton. At the least, she had a lot more experience as to how to push back against the republicans. This latest defense of a massive surveillance machine ( which will come in quite handy when thing really do go south constitutionally) shows how Pres. Obama is running on his ability to make good speeches (second only to former Pres. Clinton.) I wish she had taken the first primary and would now be President. Eight years older . . I would think it would be physically quite difficult and hope she can do an effective job. If she runs and wins.

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