Does anyone like the canon 35mm 1.4 more than the sigma?

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sean lancaster
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Re: Does anyone like the canon 35mm 1.4 more than the sigma?

Just another Canon shooter wrote:

sean lancaster wrote:

clarkent1234 wrote:

Here is the funny part. Sigmas bokeh is dizzy compared to the 35L, sigma is colder but sharper.

I don't have the Canon 35L to test, but this site 6 months ago certainly helped me decide the Sigma was better across what seemed like every test, including the out of focus areas (or bokeh as you call it):

Bokeh far from the focus plane is basically the same with most decent lenses (ignoring when stopped down due to different number and shape of the blades). The problems are visible close to the focus plane; to be more precise, with a relatively small blur radius.

Is there are comparison you can show me what you mean that uses both lenses on the same shot? I searched and found the link above, but most tests are about sharpness or the types of shots I was showing. Thanks.

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