Olympus E-PL5 Real-world Review

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Re: You called me a jerk. Pistols at dawn?

Thanks everyone for their feedback!

This was my first camera review and made a few mistakes. Something told me posting it on this forum would help me find them

Two important corrections are made, the 24mm I referred to should have read 45mm (an amazing piece of glass) and of course, I somehow missed that there is a high-speed mode that indeed shoots at 8 fps. I can only say that I am absolutely blown away that this baby can do this and frankly just didn't expect it to come anywhere close so did not look close enough. Thanks to all those who pointed out my mistakes.

To those offended by the language. Perhaps I should have pout some sort of warning on my original posting here, I apologize for that. I meant to offend no one, that's just the way I talk when I get excited. And this camera got me really, really excited. No need for insults or put-downs though, we are all entitled to our own opinions but that also means being tolerant of others.

To the guy I called a jerk. Triple apologies!  Again, I tend to get excited and type without really thinking about things. I assure you I meant it as a joke, which completely failed, which is a true testament to my sense of humour ... ie. terrible! I am sure you're a super rad dude, if for no other reason than because you said something nice about my dog Luka (but I'm sure for lots of other really good reasons too!)

It's exciting to see such passion and fire around this little camera and photography in general, it just goes to show what a passionate endeavour we are involved in. If any of you are ever in Whistler Canada, drop me a note and let's go shoot. I promise not to swear ... too much!

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