Nikon D5100 vs. D5200

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Re: Nikon D5100 vs. D5200

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The D5100 uses the excellent 16 MP sensor it shares with the D7000, while the D5200 has a newer 24MP sensor. The 16MP sensor provides a remarkable ability to pull shadows up in post that the higher res sensor cannot quite match. I think image quality is a close call. So I think the question is how much value is the extra resolution worth to you vs the ability to pull shadows. If you don't regularly make very large prints but occasionally need to pull shadows then the D5100 might actually be preferable.

On this issue, is it correct to consider halving the D5200 resolution would improve its signal-to-noise ratio, ending with a 12 Mp image that would improve shadows "somehow" like a D5100 16 Mp?

In principle yes, it is possible trade resolution for noise performance by proper downsampling, and the D5200 isn't bad in SNR scores normalized to a certain MP size at all. But here the problem is pattern noise which makes lifted images look worse than what the SNR score says. This may be partly recovered by banding.

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