What's a good beginner's camera?

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Re: What's a good beginner's camera?

KCook wrote:

If your friend's T2i includes the 18-55 lens, and everything is in order, $350 is not a bad price. I would not worry about pricing out the extra telephoto zoom at this time. There are lots of these available for Canon (not just from Canon) and it should be easy to find used ones at good prices later.

As I said before, do not let the deal drive this choice. Get whichever camera you can get excited about.


Today's a sad day. I went to 7 stores including BestBuy, FutureShop, Black's, The Source and two local camera stores (I went to 2 Black's). Majority of the sales either ignored my existence and didn't want to help or gave really poor answers. It might have to do with me being only 24 but looking like 20 or possibly younger. So I look like a window shopper, probably.

Putting that aside, I played around with the Rebel T3i, T4i and T5i as well as D3100 and D3200. The UI is a bit different, but it's not rocket science. I got the feel and understood how things work pretty easily. I couldn't save anything, so it was hard to compare shots. I know you can look at reviews and they have comparisons. But it feels different, like I want to try it myself too.

However, I do have a question. Is it just me or does the T_i series just have incremental upgrades from the previous one. Like the upgraded features/functions are nice, like touchscreen or higher ISO. It gives me the feeling that if you're not too keen on any specific specs, getting T2i and T5i is the same. (Yes, I'm stretching it a bit, but that's the idea.)

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