Skin colour in 24MP DX cameras

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D5200 from

Skin tones. The Nikon D5200's Caucasian skin tones looked just about right when using manual white balance in simulated daylight. A very good job here. Where oversaturation is most problematic is on Caucasian skin tones, as it's very easy for these "memory colors" to be seen as too bright, too pink, too yellow, etc. [...]

The topic I love to hate... yes, indeed Nikon started shifting red to orange since at least D7000, and it ain't pretty for Caucasian skin.

I started a similar thread once on this forum, awhile back, and -- as I admit should have been expected, -- I was given some very hard time along with some reasonable advice.

I shoot in raw always, so I do have the flexibility to get what I want in post. However, I find that getting skin tones right is one of the hardest things as far as color manipulations go. The grass might be more or less green, the sky might be more or less blue, and bird feathers might be pretty much any color you like. These things don't bother most people most of the time, and sometimes artificial and not so subtle color saturation, or desaturation, or some other manipulation may actually make things look more attractive.

Not so with skin tones, where our natural sensitivities seem to be much stronger. For studio shooters where the quality and temperature of light is well defined, arriving at a good profile for skin could be easier. Not so with environment shooting. Besides, how much time does one have to spend manipulating raw files to get acceptable skin tones (this is a rhetorical question, so I hope no one tries to answer). I'm personally convinced that whether you shoot raw or jpeg, you would appreciate a camera which produces good, natural skin tones most of the time.

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