The 18-55 is great. (Seoraksan, Korea)

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Re: The 18-55 is great. (Seoraksan, Korea)

Nicholas W wrote:

No offense, but in this case it is very clearly not a sensor issue. The Sigma 19mm is sharper on the NEX-7, wide open, than this kit lens is at f/8 at 18mm. The Sony 10-18mm lens is good on the NEX-7 as well. Softness in the corners is an optics problem. This is a cheap kit lens, of course it's not going to have sharp corners throughout its zoom range on a 24mp camera. It would be shocking if it did.

The sensor issues you referred to manifested as color shift in the corners, not sharpness issues as with this kit lens.

I'm only trying to prevent NEX-7 users from being misinformed about the kit lens being a "great" lens on their camera. People turn to this site for information, I'm just trying to help out.

I agree that the 18-55 and NEX 7 is not a great combination, and good to point out.

With regards to whether it's the lens or sensor, the Chief Editor of said: "The camera [NEX 7] drive me nuts. The MTFs have an excessive variation between ultra-sharp center and very soft corners. I'm starting to wonder whether I'm seeing a sensor issue here."

Point being, it's not just color shift. The NEX 7 has smeared/soft corners with many otherwise optically excellent lenses. He was using a Zeiss 85 f1.4, which is an excellent lens but does not work well on this sensor.

Here he tries a 2nd NEX 7, and says: "They are the same" meaning he ruled out sample variation.

And here he compares to a NEX 5 (not even the 5N) and determines "I'm now sure that there's a negative border/corner effect on the 7".

The issue here is really the sensor. When Sony improved the 14MP sensor with the new 16MP sensor, they released a slew of bodies (there are two 14MP bodies and six 16MP bodies). They have held off on a 7 successor, and I believe because they don't have a better sensor to go in it yet. When they do, I expect it will solve many of the corner issues we saw with the original 14MP sensors, just like their replacement did.

In the meantime, it is important to suggest what users can do. You can get the NEX 6, which doesn't suffer from corner issues with the same lenses. You can get the NEX 7 and use lenses that perform well on it, such as Alpha SLR lenses with an adapter or the SEL24Z, where both are larger than respective E mount lenses and have recessed rear elements with greater lens to sensor distance (and hence less oblique light). The Sigma's work well, I believe because they are slow for primes and have less angled light paths. Or just get an A65 (larger but much cheaper) or A77 and use SLR lenses, where again the flange distance and lens design negates the sensor issues.

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