Olympus E-PL5 Real-world Review

Started Jun 18, 2013 | Discussions thread
peripheralfocus Veteran Member • Posts: 4,126
You called me a jerk. Pistols at dawn?

I quote from your dasterdly slander, sir:

For those of you who revel in twenty page reviews full of tech specs and all kinds of useless info written by some jerk in an office somewhere, there are plenty of those to be found online:

Official Olympus EPL-5 product page (sic)

Crazy in-depth review at Image Resource (sic)

I happen to be the guy who wrote the "shooter's report" section of the Imaging Resource review you linked to.

A jerk? A jerk? Really?

I'll have you know that on alternate Tuesdays I am kind to children. And usually also to puppies. Plus, my mother -- God rest her soul -- thought I was swell and often told me so.

However, I admit that I'm writing this from an office somewhere.


The Jerk

p.s. Really like your shot of the pooch.

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