Anyone uses a retina MBP without an external monitor?

Started Jun 17, 2013 | Discussions thread
Art Jacks Senior Member • Posts: 2,668
Re: Anyone uses a retina MBP without an external monitor?

I do ! I previously used a matt screened 17" MBP but a visit to the Apple store where I was able to view some of my images on a store demo rMBP convinced me there and then to make a purchase, having upgraded the ram on the 17" myself I selected the rMBP with the 16 Gb of ram as I felt it was going to help with editing my D800e nef images. I have the rMBP's screen set at one level higher that the ' best for retina ' setting and that I feel makes the menu dialog items at the top of the screen approx the same as my 17", any higher res  results as smaller text which is ( for me ) difficult to work with. I have been fortunate that tests have shown that the screen image matches the screen of the local print shop computer which means I can take my computer down to the shop, put the image on both machines to see if there are any minor adjustments required ( not often ) also the advantage of having someone local who through regular use now knows how I like my prints.

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