Samsung 85mm f/1.4 on sale at Amazon.

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Re: Samsung 85mm f/1.4 on sale at Amazon.

psperl wrote:

Are you're saying that I can tell the camera, "No, I don't want you the focus to go all the way to the beginning of the focus range and back just to be certain. I want you to stay over here!" I hate that the AF sometimes decides to go all the way in and then all the way out again. If I can "kill" that with manual override and guide the camera where I want it while still getting an AF assist that would be great.

Thats exactly what I am saying. The AF and MF is a single mode.

the lens has two focus modes AF/MF and MF. The first mode (AF/MF) is where these two capabilities work together, if the AF is being daft then mf the lens in the right direction, re half press and the af will take over. Or MF the lens and press the shutter quickly and the AF will not get involved. Or just let let the AF find the focus in the half press and fully press when it gets there. Or any combination of these. This is AF/MF mode, both MF and AF in one.

In the second mode (MF) the lens is a mechanically coupled MF lens, like a legacy lens.

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