E5 shutter dies ... in the middle of shooting Taylor Swift

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Re: the problem

Hi Doug,

Yeah, I know there a lot of low mileage E1's around. The problem with the E1 as a professional camera when it first came out was the severe shortage of lenses and accessories. Also, it was a completely unknown quantity. Only the very hardy risked it. However, considering what was there at the time, it developed a surprisingly large professional following developed (though not compared to CaNikon). At least a few of these cameras saw 200,000 clicks. While, I don't know what the average shutter life is on an E1, even in its heyday I rarely heard of shutter failures -- except in the very beginning.

As a result of these early problems, Olympus immediately responded and put in a new shutter in the E1. You can tell because the very first E1's did not have the recock electrical whine that the 'new' shutter had. However, as far as I'm aware, the 'new' shutter held out very well indeed. Rarely heard of any problems. Even today, 10 years after its original release, how often do you hear of an E1 shutter failure? It happens, but not often. Usually the sensor goes before the shutter does.

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