Samsung gets it right - look here, Oly!

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Re: Why Samsung? Panny showed it already.

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I found this Samsung rather ugly btw. Olyw as very right in carving out a niche with their retro style. Add a grip and you're oke.

Add a grip and you're $300 poorer.

Who cares if the Samsung is ugly?

It's surprising how many people in this thread value form over function.


Gee. millions in the world flock to i devices by apple because of FORM and FUNCTION. The E-M5 has both. The Samsung is terribly ugly and so what if it has a gorgeous 4" screen. No buttons for fast navigation. imagine the tons of fingerprints that will attract etc. Sorry.. i vote form over function any day.

I assume you aren't serious. Would you, for example, prefer a 2MP camera that you thought had better "form" than the E-M5?

You're taking it to an extreme, with the same sensor what would you prefer? EXACTLY.

Taking things to an extreme is useful for pointing out logical fallacies.

Asking which camera I would prefer with the same sensor is eliminating one aspect of function. It also suggests that you do, in fact, prefer at least one aspect of function (sensor quality) over form. If we take this to its logical extreme and eliminate all functional differences, you are simply asking if form matters at all to me.

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