E5 shutter dies ... in the middle of shooting Taylor Swift

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Re: the problem

rovingtim wrote:

The problem isn't that the shutter failed. The problem is that Olympus's promises 150,000 actuations from this "top pro camera" and that when their cameras fail at a fraction of that promised total, Olympus throws their hands up and says "Not my problem!"

150,000 shutter cycles is a normal achievement for a jobbing pro. The E1 routinely reached these totals so Olympus knows how to do it if they wanted to.

Seriously? You know of many E1's reaching that number of activations?
I know you champion the E1 camera, but it wasn't very well accepted in the profession and most were sold off at fire sale prices near the end of it's production life.

Whenever I see used E1's advertised I'm always amazed at how low the mileage on them is, considering it's a pro-level camera.

Anyway, my news gets worse as now it seems the mirror assembly isn't operational either. Perhaps the shutter blade is lodged in there somewhere.

I like using the E-M5 so much I'm considering a second OMD body, or the new pro OMD instead of getting the E5 fixed. Will wait and see what it's like.

Douglas Brown

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