Samsung gets it right - look here, Oly!

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Re: Samsung gets it right - look here, Oly!

PAUL TILL wrote:

DLBlack wrote:

The GH-3 is more comparible to the pro-level cropped cameras like the 7D or the D300 and not to the cameras you selected for your comparison.

Pro level, LOL. Why is that then? It doesn't do focus tracking as well as either of those so what's your reasoning or is it because you own one?

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Yes, it is consider "pro-level" because of all the direct control buttons and dials.  For better ergonomics  these buttons and dials require a larger body.  The larger body also makes handling larger lenses like the 12-35 f2.8 and 35-100 f2.8 easier when you hare user the camera for a whole day.  The battery is larger so you can get more shots without changing batteries.  All nice things for a pro using a camera for a whole day of shoting.  The swivel screen instead of a tilt screen also requires a bigger body.  Weather-selaling is a plus.  Yes, as you pointed out at this time C-AFand tracking  on any MFT camera is not up to the standards of a 7D or D300s.  Still if you are not shoting sports or wildlife the speed of any recent MFT camera is good enough.

I do not own a GH3.  So I am not a Panasonic fanboy.  I got an E-M5 a few months before the GH3 was even announced.  I have about 20,000 photos on it in the year that I own it.  For the past few months I have a RRS grip on it.  The grip does help in holding the camera but does nothing for those too small buttons and having to dive into the SCP to make basic changes.  Plus in a day of shoting I usually end up on my third battery.  Luckily I own four batteries.   If I haven't already won the E-M5 I will most likely own the GH3 instead of the E-M5.  It as several advantages for my use over the E-M5.  My wife has a E-PL2 and a week old E-M5.  The E-M5 is the best camera for her beacuse she always had the optional EVF on her E-PL2 and a smaller size body  and the lack of direct controls are important for her.  Anyhow, the G-seies, GH-series and OMD series cameras IMHO are a lot nice to use than those small bars of soap with a lens on one side and a screen on the other.

Anyhow, like I said in my pervious post is that it is a good thing to see  MFT range of camera from these "small bars of soap cameras" to the dslr size camera.  Choice is a good thing.  If the HG-3 is not your thing then don't buy it.


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