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stevo22 wrote:

Hi Lloydy,

I just have a quick question perhaps you could answer about the HS50. I have been looking into buying one of these but I just read something on another website which concerned me.

It said that each time the camera is powered off the image quality setting reverts to "Normal" so if you want it on the highest setting you have to select this each time you switch the camera on.

... Mine doesn't do that.

This sounded crazy to me and it must be wrong, I just need to know for sure before I take the plunge and order one of these.

Also, does jpeg+raw work when shooting in full Auto mode? On some bridge cameras it doesn't seem to. Sometimes I just want to grab a quick shot without changing settings but I'd still like the raw file.

Well, I'm a little surprised here as I just tried it on Auto and also EXR Auto and it lets you select Raw+Jpeg. Same on my HS30 EXR.

The settings I am using - HS50 EXR Settings

Some of my images - HS50 EXR Images

Thanks in advance.


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Cheers, Dave

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