Do pixels matter? What 20" x 30" prints reveal.

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Re: Yes pixels matter. But it would be difficult

Rick Knepper wrote:

TTMartin wrote:

Sellwood wrote:

Of course my point was to invite anyone who could attend to see for themselves and determine if THEY can tell the images from the two camera systems apart. Mind you, the point the of the exhibition is art, not pixel peeping. But for those who might wish to test their discernment in addition to appreciating the art, this presents an easy and public opportunity.

Rick, I'll be in Sacramento Monday and will come by to see your show. Congratulations. I don't need, however, to be convinced that your cameras can all be pleasingly reproduced in 20x30 prints. I've had shows for several years and have sold many 24x36 prints that I shot on my old Rebel Xti.

Sharpness rarely determines a fine art print--whether a photograph or painting.

The XTi is a very special camera. I still use mine, even though I also own a 6D and 7D.

Hi TT. I know nothing about crop and this may be OT on this thread but what makes the XTi special? Isn't there an Xti 5, 4 and so on? Is it the XTi line or is it the specific model XTi? You used the present tense so I am not sure as to the context.

The Canon Rebel XTi (400D) shared the 10mp APS-C sensor of the venerable 40D. It has sharp detail and pleasing character to its output even when viewed at 100%.

It was one of the smallest Rebels making it the perfect candidate to pair with Canon's 40mm f/2.8 STM pancake lens. The combination allows it to fit in small camera bags designed for more compact bridge cameras. It is now my always with me camera.

It is a camera of firsts and lasts in the Rebel line.

It was the last Rebel to use CF cards.

It was the first and last Rebel with a 10 frame RAW / 27 frame JPG buffer

It was the first Rebel with Canon's integrated sensor cleaning system.
It was the first Rebel that supported Canon's picture styles.
It was the first Rebel with a single rear LCD display.
It was the first Rebel with Canon's 9 point AF layout
It was the first Rebel to support improved center AF point accuracy when using an f/2.8 lens.
It was the first Rebel to display RGB or Luminescence histograms.
It was the first Canon dSLR to have a 3rd party firmware upgrade, that gave rise to Magic Lantern.

It's special because it is a joy to use, and every time I look at pictures from it it continues to amaze me. This soon to be 7 year old camera, still holds its own in my opinion.

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