Samsung gets it right - look here, Oly!

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Re: Why Samsung? Panny showed it already.

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I found this Samsung rather ugly btw. Olyw as very right in carving out a niche with their retro style. Add a grip and you're oke.

Add a grip and you're $300 poorer.

Who cares if the Samsung is ugly?

It's surprising how many people in this thread value form over function.


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Gee. millions in the world flock to i devices by apple because of FORM and FUNCTION. The E-M5 has both. The Samsung is terribly ugly and so what if it has a gorgeous 4" screen. No buttons for fast navigation. imagine the tons of fingerprints that will attract etc. Sorry.. i vote form over function any day.

I assume you aren't serious. Would you, for example, prefer a 2MP camera that you thought had better "form" than the E-M5?

You're taking it to an extreme, with the same sensor what would you prefer? EXACTLY.

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