E5 shutter dies ... in the middle of shooting Taylor Swift

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Re: the problem

Is there any kind of industry standard for shutter MTBF? I presume most, if not all shutters are made by third parties (e.g., Casio) and the two companies collaborate on performance specs, including MTBF. Any lifespan claim should come from such a collaboration.

We consumers aren't in a position to know the actual typical lifespan and only hear of failures, for the most part. For myself, my expectation is longer life from my E-5 and E-30 than, say, my E-510 or E-M5. But it may be the advanced models' higher shutter speed causes more stress on the mechanism than the lower-spec models. It would take an engineer with inside knowledge to know.

If y'all would like to see a shutter nightmare, look at an original Contax rangefinder. We've come a long way.



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