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Since I'm invading over here today from another forum, and noticed this in the top threads list, I just wanted to offer thoughts on the camera - purely just personal opinions/thoughts, since your thread title invites such thoughts by pointing out what you feel the camera got right and how future designs should be dictated...

- EFV placed towards the left

Personally, I prefer center-mounted EVFs, assuming the lens is also fairly centered.  I want the EVF to be aligned with the center of the lens ideally.

- Built-in flash (yes, it can be done Oly, even when there's an EVF) with additional hotshoe

OK point to make, though I personally admit to not wanting a flash on my mirrorless cameras (I am a dual-system user, and I reserve the DSLR for the flash duties, so built-in flashes to me are useless - but I know others need them so I'm OK with that.

- A nice, deep grip with (presumably) a large battery inside while retaining a slim body

I like deeper grips personally - I've always preferred cameras that have a protrusion for the fingers to wrap rather than bar-of-soap designs...though to me this would be a little too large as a M4:3/NEX replacement for me because it starts to encroach a bit on DSLR size - I prefer mirrorless as a lighter, smaller second body since I'm a dual system user.

The main problem with the Samsung is that it lacks room for physical controls. However, that's because it has an enormous 4.3 inch display. Knock that puppy down to 3 inches, add some dials and buttons, and Bob's your uncle.

I agree the display is entirely too large for my wants.  I don't prefer to shoot from the LCD/OLED screen as I'm a fairly dedicated EVF/OVF user - so having a screen that large takes away from the ergonomics and I prefer manual buttons/controls to touch screens, which require taking eyes away from the EVF to make changes.  I also much prefer that screens be articulated.

The Android interface doesn't really turn me on - while I can see the possibilities of some camera-centric apps like remote camera control, I find all the other Android apps to be a distraction and like to keep my cameras more like traditionally manually controlled devices - touch screens and icon displays distract my attention from the subject and the composition of photography...and I'd fear with the touch screen being so all-dominantly large, there would be a lot of accidental button presses.

If I did get a camera with a wifi capability, I'd want it simplified to strictly camera functionality - offloading photos to a storage site or location, adding apps for shooting functionality, updating firmware easily, and the ability to remotely control or view the camera.  I'd still want the interface and controls to remain purely traditional camera-style, rather than phone OS based.

Of course, to each their own.  But for me, I don't find this new camera to be a direction I'd prefer, nor a device I'd want to own.  While I don't use an M4:3, I'd be more interested in one of the current M4:3 offerings than this new offering by Samsung.  In fact, I'd be more interested in some of the older, existing Samsung NX models than this new one.

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