Do most of you have 16GB of RAM or do you get along just fine with 8GB?

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Re: Are you saying ...

MikeFromMesa wrote:

Tom_N wrote:

But with Crucial (the retail arm of a RAM manufacturer) and Other World Computing both saying 16 GB is the real limit, I'd feel pretty sure that it is.

That puts a whole new light on the non-Retina models since I dismissed it as a possible purchase based on the 8 GB memory limit. Given the Apple limit of 8 GB I assume there are only 2 memory slots in the machine, each holding a 4 GB card so I could just buy 2 8 GB cards and replace them.

I wonder if you void your warranty by adding more memory?

Yep, Tom is right. My old 2008 iMac actually supports 6 gigs of ram instead of the Apple official 4 gigs and that is what I have installed in mine. It runs like a champ. This happens occasionally with some of their computers.

edit: forgot to add that the same thing happened with my 2010 Mac mini that I use as a HTPC. Official ram amount is 8 gigs but it actually takes 16 gigs. I only have two in it for HTPC use.

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