The 18-55 is great. (Seoraksan, Korea)

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Re: The 18-55 is great. (Seoraksan, Korea)

Jim Funston wrote:

Gary you must have a bad copy of the 55-210........ Sadly there seems to be variances in the lens to lens quality-control at Sony because back in the early era of NEX the 16mm was severely bad mouthed as pure garbage. My 16 and several other owners got lucky I guess and had decent 16mm when used within its sweet spot(all lenses work better at some apertures than others as you surely know already).

I recently did a water lily shoot at Longwood Gardens in PA and used my NEX 7 with the 55-210 and a Contax G 90mm (a great lens as are all my usable CG glass sadly on the 7 my 21, 28, and 35mm's all sit in my Contax G2 film camera bag because of corner issues leaving me only the 45 and the 90 to use on my NEX..... nothing I have found beats the IQ of my 45mm CG on my NEX7). When reviewing the shots (all were taken supported on a overcast day with rain off and on) the 55-210's images were every bit as good and a few were even better than the CG90's. That is saying a bunch and I am a very picky person about IQ.

Gary you are not the only person complaining about the 55-210mm that is for sure but there are quite a few of us very happy with this lens. Look at Zwackiedawg's shots with the 55-210 and a sony 1758 accessory lens (which I too recently picked up a copy of and it is surprisingly good for a accessory lens just as the Sony UWA accessory lens is on a 16mm which has always been a surprise when used within its sweet spot). I have to think it is a build consistency issue between lenses more than a user issue. Something Sony may get better at if Olympus starts building the e mount glass for them.

As far as the OP's statement ... I have always found the 18-55 acceptable in IQ if used correctly... its not in the class of the Contax G Zeiss lenses but very acceptable none the less.

The point is he didn't claim that the lens gave 'acceptable' IQ , he said it was great. He might have got away with that claim if he had posted great images.

Keith C

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