Do pixels matter? What 20" x 30" prints reveal.

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Re: Yes pixels matter. But it would be difficult

LaszloBencze wrote:

I am my only customer. I am very hard to please. Just as I will not watch a basic cable channel any longer and must have HD, I can see the difference a D800E or 5D2 makes in the detail of my images and I have an appreciation for that. And, I don't think you can argue against that.

Well Rick, based on what you said, you are exactly the person I would love to have come by my show to differentiate the pictures. I'm not being sarcastic. I truly would like to meet someone who can easily discern such differences. I might learn something.

Drop me a line if you are coming to Sacramento.



I am coming to Yosemite in October and I would be tempted to do a quick day trip to Sacramento if I wasn't bringing my gal who has never been to Yosemite. There's a lot of ground to cover in 4 days. I am sure your show would be lovely but so is Yosemite.

As for the comparison, I compare the 5D2 to the D800E many times over when PPing images from my trips. I carry both on hikes and trips and have images from both cameras on the same scene. I am sure that I could set up a decent controlled test for the forum but such exercises are mind numbing to me and I am lazy and not motivated to convince folks.

I haven't used paper prints in years. Maybe the print process doesn't expose detail as well as viewing images on a bright, 26" professional monitor (soon to be 30"). My primary medium for displaying my images is my NEC 2690. My eyes are usually positioned from 12" to 18" away. I downsize these images to match my screen resolution. The D800E captures more detail and when downsized to the same dimension, there is more retained, discernible detail vs the 5D2.

One thing that has propelled the 5D2 to stay relevant is the 24-70 II. So, I guess we can debate whether we really need good lenses or does artistic license wipe out this resolution too.

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