VF-4 is a Revelation

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VF-4 is just ok

Recently I had the chance to play with the ep-5 with the vf-4. I found that the viewfinder was ok, useable and suitable for a camera of such small size, but nothing to write home about (I use the e-3 by the way) and nothing to induce me to switching to mft.  Upon leaving the store I asked to be shown the Sony A77. Now there is an EVF which has the potential of never make the owner miss a good optical viewfinder! The Sony viewfinder felt substantially larger, its colors much more more natural. I did not notice any lag while panning - actually  it did not feel at all like looking through an EVF.

I wish that the upcoming Oly ft dslr (and the Oly representative at the ep-5 promotion confirmed that later this year there would be an Oly Slr which will use the full potential of the existing ft lenses) will rather have a Sony specced evf of the same quality as the A77 uses or an optical viewfinder not worse than what the e-3/5 are having.


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