What's a good beginner's camera?

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Re: Pulling more stuff out of nowhere for consideration.

Very knowledgeable. I only heard about the light bulb so I wouldn't know the details. But it's nice to know. Well, I knew it had to be a special case and there are good reasons why it is running for such a long time. But the point I wanted to make was that, manufacturers try to make things to not last very long, or just long enough for the newer generation to come out. They want you to buy new ones and the old ones supposedly get obsolete. I'm not talking about cameras but just stuff in general. So whether it's the G5 or GH3, it's the same. They don't try to design it to last 20 years and then depending on time, money, or technology, they might take a cutback on things that might lead it to be "intentionally crippled". So even among the ones you mentioned, it still won't be perfect. Arguably better? Possibly. Well, this is again, just another thought.

Sidetracking away, it's similar with phones as well. I'm not sure about the latest models. But when I got my Galaxy SII, it felt really flimsy because of it's lightweight and plastic material. If you compare it to something like an iPhone, which might be still plastic, it feels a lot sturdier. Even among plastic junks, there are those that are "junk-ier" than others, whether it was due to the design or just plain materials. Well, that's just another thought to think about when considering anything plastic.

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