Nikon D5100 vs. D5200

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Re: Nonsense

Shunda77 wrote:

No, my logic is sound, the straw man you just constructed is ridiculous.

Well done.

Straw man? You previously said "You gotta wonder how Canon users have coped for so long with an even lower spec AF than the D5100." You are either ignorant to your own comment, or have no idea what a straw man argument is, as I reflected your position perfectly based on your sarcastic commentary.

Gee, I guess all my D5100 shots must be blurry and out of focus then.

They're not.

I refuse to comment on your skill set, as I haven't seen your images. If you are getting blurry images with your D5100, its not the camera's fault. Just know that going in. That said, a 39 point AF will most likely give you more 'keepers' than an 11 point, especially in active situations. Or I could use your logic and just say that the D5100 is just as capable as a D4 from that perspective, and save myself thousands. And you didn't address my manual adjustment commentary, which means that you either have no clue, or your position on the matter is weaker than I thought....

In this case, I am correct that $200 spent on extra glass for the D5100 will do immeasurably more for an individuals photography that an occasionally useful 39 point auto focus system.

Oh yeah. I forgot. $200 more gets you SO much more of a lens than what one might have started with. Again, I'll take the more capable body that will possibly increase my keepers than making an insignificant upgrade in glass.

The fact of the matter is that the D5200 lacks other features that you really need to get the most out of the 39 point AF system anyway.

Really? Like what?

It is a brilliant marketing strategy that has some practical application, but it's far more minor than people that just purchased the darned thing would like to admit.

In reference to the commentary that you conveniently skipped over, when I manually manipulate focus points, the D5200 is miles ahead of the D5100/D90 in terms of selection and versatility. It's nice to not have to lock and recompose as much as I used to. Try it sometime instead of speaking out of your hind parts...

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