VF-4 is a Revelation

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Re: VF-4 is a Revelation

Trevor Carpenter wrote:

Pikme wrote:

Trevor Carpenter wrote:

i can't help it but paying any money for a viewfinder seems wrong

yes, agree that Olympus should just buy these from Epson and distribute them free to anyone who wants one

and paying that much feels like robbery.

Leica EVF2 1.4m $499

Sony EVM1k 2.4m $498

Sony FDAev1s 2.4m $349

Leica EVF3 1.4m $395

Oly vf4 2.4m $279

yeah, Olympus is way out of line with that price.:-)

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Roberto M.

point taken but it's 2003 and someone says to you “in ten year you will have to pay extra if you want to have a viewfinder with your camera” wouldn’t you have laughed in their face

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Its like buying Google Glass to some extent; get a viewfinder that will give you all the details you need and the real time variations in the pic you are taking as opposed to the OVF where you just see the focusing and nothing else.

With Google Glass you are 'augmented' which is much more than you might otherwise be with normal glasses.

I have OMD and EP3 with VF2, and atimes I lament the ability of the VF2 to tilt upwards that you don't with the OMD.

Heck I even tried popping the VF2 onto my OMD for a few shots on a monopod (the monopod was a tad bit short.)

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