Beast of a Mac - or is it?

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Re: Beast of a Mac - or is it?

Abguee wrote:

Mainly FCPX and AE.. I've upgraded the RAM in hopes of it rendering quicker, but alas. I have the latest FCPX update on it and it seems like it's rendering over the graphics card? I might be wrong about that. Also video conversion in general is sloooow. A RAM app still shows about 25GB of my RAM as "idle". Maybe I expected too much?

Ok I have just upgraded from my original Intel Mac pro ( dual 3ghz xeons 8Gb RAM) to a maxed out i7 imac with 32Gb RAM and yes its faster .. but renders still take time... they always will. I was happily editing 1080 HD on the Mac Pro with FCPX, but upgraded it as it no longer supported the latest OS.

Today I was editing 720p gopro footage on a original 11inch Macbook Air with 4Gb RAM  again in FCPX.

I suspect your disappointing performance is more to do with workflow issues and/or unrealistic expectations. Video is hard work for any computer


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