Am I able to process IR images in Aperture?

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Re: Am I able to process IR images in Aperture?

theswede wrote:

Alpha Doug wrote:

Seems like since all "color" is removed by the IR filter (except for the faint red cast) that the channel mixer in Photoshop would only be used to remove the cast.

Not quite correct. Using the channel mixer will swap around the colors which exist, making the sky an unearthly blue. It's a very interesting effect, and gives a surreal look to the IR images.

Playing with IR can be a lot more interesting than just pulling some curves and contrasts in BW mode. With a channel mixer one can do things which appear amazing.

This works fine with jpgs as well by the by. It's just the blue is a lot paler then, but the same effects are possible. IR pictures are not inherently monochrome, they just look that way by default.


Thanks all for your inputs.

Theswede, the pic you posted is exactly the type of pic what I am striving for...B&W IR is OK...but brining some of the colors out and making it look surreal is the effect I am going for.

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