Starting fine art printing with Epson Stylus Pro 7890.. or 9890

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Re: Combining images

faith_ps wrote:

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faith_ps wrote:

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faith_ps wrote:

I still trying to get the hang of the layouting.

You are not trying to use the driver to layout multiple images, are you?

Photoshop doesn't deal with multiple images, you would have to combine images to make one, and that isn't very useful. But most other editing and cataloging programs will do a much better job with image layout than the driver: Lightroom, Aperture, QImage (Win only), etc.

If you ae using the driver for print layout, you are the first person I have heard of doing it.

Brian A

Yes Brian. As you can see, these few days is all about trial and error. Trying to keep error to the minimum though.

I did combine four images to fit in one A1 size and use the A1 roll banner on the 24". It's a success. Results are fantastic. Tried the 1440 best dpi on the Premium Lustre and switch to matt blk on the free dobleweight for B/W prints at 720dpi best. It's all sooo goood.

Meantime, I'll keep reading the manual to understand better.

I would strongly suggest working with a program for layout, the driver is really basic that way.

There are couple of flaws with Epson Bouble Weight Matte: it is very difficult to handle without getting compression creases, and it is on a 2 inch core.

Why 720 dpi? I don't think I have ever printed as low as that even on uncoated plain paper.

Brian A

Hello Brian,

It's all a test. On a 720 dpi best, it does look good surprisingly good. Earlier, I printed 1440dpi. The result was that the paper became mushy damp. Quality wise I don't see significant difference. Perhaps Dobleweight already maxed out in the 720 best and the good thing is the paper is good and still crispy when out.

Yes, Epson Double Weight Matte will come up wet if you put down enough ink. If it is coming out dry, then I doubt your dMax will be high enough for sufficient contrast. Even 350 gsm Museum rag comes out wet, although it won't sag like the very lightweight Double Weight Matte. What is Double Weight Matte: 170-180 gsm?

I still need to do a lot of experimenting. I wonder what is "Super Micro Weave". When I ticked that, I got funny patterned print and I had to cancel job.

I don't know if I have ever tried 'Super Micro Weave'. It is supposed to alleviate banding, but I have never had banding when the head was aligned correctly.

What is your suggestion to the Layout program?

If you are running Windows, then QImage is the best and it isn't expensive. It is much more than just a layout program. It has several excellent selective uprezing choices, and you can, for example, print the same or different images on the same sheet using different profiles and/or rendering intents. If you are on a Mac, you can run QImage under Parallels, or try Lightroom or Aperture, either of which is much better for printing than Photoshop.

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