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Re: Bronze = hotter, Gold = cooler

Everything you said is true except the efficiency is measured at peak levels. If peak levels are not reached most PSs are about the same. Most people running computer normally never reach peak power.

Download Coretemp and it should tell you how much power your computer uses.

My computer based on 6 cores 3930K overclocked to 4.5Ghz uses 150 watts max during RAW picture processing and I got 1200W single rail PS just because it was on sale. My normal computing is only uses 24 watts in idle mode, in other words if I am reading a page and nothing more but then it is running at 1.2Ghz

The only time you can reach peak levels if your video card/cards is a "fire dragon". If you are running high power video cards in SLI ( 2 or 4 cards) gaming (otherwise they are idle) and your CPU is running close to 100% (which is very difficult to achieve unless you are benchmarking) maybe, just maybe you need efficient PS. Most brand computers don't have efficient PSs and if they have high wattage one it probably has multiple rails to spread that power.

And after all of this from low level 80  plus efficiency to the highest level is only like 9%. No big deal.
If anything use efficiency level for the quality of the PS. It is not always true but more efficient PSs should have better components and better build.

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