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Re: Fuji for portraits?

deednets wrote:

But they didn't instead there is now a 12, 32 and then the next one a 50/2.8 Macro ... *sigh* You are saying that NOW they are about to the real deal portrait lens. Now as in 2014, right?

I think what Zeiss released makes sense if you think from the perspective of Zeiss making for the NEX platform, and Fuji is just an opportunistic release.

The NEX doesn't have a ultra-wide prime yet, and their 10-18 isn't spectacular on the NEX7 so this is where the 14mm comes in.

The 32mm is an oddity, since it competes directly with 35mm, but considering that it is almost practically a simple double gauss based on the Planar design, it makes sense to output a "normal", simple design.

And the 50... well, kill two birds with one stone. NEX platform is sorely lacking a good, native E-mount macro (the 30/3.5 isn't stellar and quite short length for serious macro), so a 50mm fills the gap nicely *plus* macro lenses can very often double as portrait lenses as well. So see this kind of focal length duplication for macro/portrait across all platforms, on Canon EF there's 85mm and 100mm (portrait) vs 100mm (macro), on Nikon there's 85mm (portrait) and 105mm (macro), on m43 there's 45/2.8 (macro) and 45/1.8 (portrait), and so on.

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