Pick "the" 2.8 portrait lens

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The end of day

Some of you guys cheated I think by guessing by focal length but whatever, none of you got it exactly right.

The first is the Tamron 52en and the second one the 105 DC.

What is true is how remarkably similar both images are. I would have expected the 105 DC to rock the house and it does, but what surprised me at least is how well the 52en performs.

The 52en is the first of the AF Tamrons Macros that had autofocus. It has the same design as the original that made Tamron it's name famous in macro lenses. If you go around reading what reviews you can find on the 52en, you'll read where people gave up the later 2.8 Tamron's and kept the 52en instead, this is f2.5 version in an AF and based on the original double Gauss design.

The 52en really controls CA well even at 2.5 and at f11 it's brutally sharp. It does portraits pretty well too hanging right with the 105 DC and it does macro work as well.

For under $300, if you can find one, it's quite the little cult lens. I just got mine yesterday, and no it's not for sale.

Again, no Post processing.

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