The "A" gets an F

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Re: The "A" gets an F

After saying all of this, let's not forget that there isn't much one can do with the file output of a P7700 so, at around/over $400 it is total balderdash for anyone who knows what alternatives are available with larger sensors.

I'm not sure what you're getting at. The P7700 file is quite good, especially in RAW and it's a great little cam to use when I don't want to carry my D800.

The P7700 files have plenty of room for playing....

Sure, my D800 is quite a bit better, but I don't always carry it.

The A just doesn't do enough for my needs. I acknowledge that it can work for others and they've been honest in pointing out that it fits a narrow niche. Good work can be done with it, but you need to cater to it's limits rather than expect a camera that can cater to yours.

Within it's own limitations...slow focus and small sensor, the P7700 is hardly a complete camera either, but I find it more capable than the A.


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