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Re: 1/4000th of a second?

Just Having Fun wrote:

Did you need that shutter speed? Could you have dropped down to 1/2000th and shot at ISO 1250?

Frackin' right. You're not doing photography if you're not stressing the equipment to the max.
Only wimps shoot at ISO 1250 ; )

Actually, I start each show at 2000 ISO and go up or down according to how the lighting is.

Probably she had just moved from one lighting pattern to the next and I hadn't adjusted yet. With the E-M5 it's all good up to 3600, so I pay less attention to settings and more to avoiding hyper-excited teenagers jumping up and down with their arms in the air.

At this show, since we were in the pit with all the audience, I looked for the adults who were oasis's of calm in the middle of the frenzy to stand near.

But speaking of stressing the equipment, here's an account of blowing out the shutter on my E5 the next night while shooting Taylor at the MMVA's. http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/51655805

Douglas Brown

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