Lenses: Did they get it right??

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deednets wrote:

It has been pointed out to me before that I should see this from Sony user's point of view, point taken but irrelevant to me because I use a Fuji!

My only real point is that you have to look at Fuji's target market to decide whether Fuji got it right. I learned that the hard way with Sony ... I don't care for Sony's lineup at all (and became very disillusioned with my NEX because of it). But just because I'm not happy doesn't mean Sony screwed up. Side note: trying to be more analytical, I can name a couple specifics where I think Sony messed up, regardless of what I do or don't want ... like releasing the NEX-7 with only one high quality lens in the lineup, for instance. That's all ... and I've been prone to bashing a product because I personally see no use for it ... these days, I try to get away from that. So I haven't even said anything bad about the Leica X2 I don't see the appeal of it, but then I have some respect for Leica's management after seeing an interview about the S system, so I'll give them benefit of the doubt and assume that they know who it's for.

As for Zeiss ... I don't think they see their purpose as "filling the gaps" the way Sigma, for instance, used to.  IMO, they're looking to appeal to the person who realizes that the camera is just a box that holds a sensor and might upgrade that box when the next sensor comes out, but wants a nice system of quality lenses to put on that box.  So they're not looking to augment - they're looking for people to buy a NEX-7 or an XE1/Pro and put a "Zeiss trinity" on it.  (I guess they need a tele !)  I can't say that's their strategy, but that's how I see it.  I don't think they're any more likely to pick up sales by filling in the OEM gaps than they are by producing top notch versions of the most desirable lenses.

I understand your frustration.  I bought a Sony NEX with a road map promising better things, and they were slow and they were wrong (IMO).  I picked up an RX100 to augment my DSLR and the NEX sits idle.  (Well, not really, it's on loan to friends traveling to Alaska).  But the system is apparently selling well, despite my misgivings.

- Dennis

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