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Re: Fuji for portraits?

digicosmos wrote:

Yes, man. I mean in 2014, but I guess you'd be happy with 60 2.4 for the time being. There is no comparison to Fuji's rendition of skin tone.

Unfortunately I think Touit lenses for fuji are just by-products. However, they make good choices for those who are thinking of buying into Fuji. Personally I don't "touit". Fuji 35mm and 14mm are already good enough for me and the slight difference in IQ doesn't justify the price difference.

Same here, nothing in it for me, which was exactly my point. Regarding the 60mm: even for portraits it is painfully slow focusing often going through the whole bandwidth before then nailing AF. Was just thinking as to how many people here in this thread have said how well Fuji has done the lineup, a 35mm, an 18mm and a Macro??? A Macro first??


Maybe they were a bit surprised by the number of ex SLR shooters who had discovered the Fujis? Since Fuji makes high performance lenses for Hasselblad as well as video lenses beyong the 10K$ limit, the knowledge to make a portrait first and then the Macro would have been there, but then, maybe they thought that less people would have then bought a 1:2 Macro after a true portrait lens.

In my case possibly true, so I will probably get the 56/1.2 and then possibly sell the 60/2.4 ... maybe not because the rates might be down in the basement. In this scenario I could even see myself getting the 50 ZEISS Macro, if AF is any better. But maybe not, nothing wrong with the 60/2.4 apart from the AF ...

Just thinking aloud, if ZEISS had released a 75 or 90 portraits this would have put a little dampener on the 56 sales, right??



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