Sigma missing from Studio Comparison Tool

Started Jun 17, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Sigma missing from Studio Comparison Tool

Kwick1 wrote:


I just realized that all of the Sigma cameras are missing from the Studio Comparison tool. Sort of.

If I go to any other camera review and try to select a Sigma to compare it to, the Sigmas are missing. Same thing if I launch the comparison tool stand-alone.

If I go the the actual Sigma camera review first though, then all the others are available to compare to.

I'm pretty sure this is a bug, so I've e-mailed DPR.It's not a bug -.

It's not a bug - it's a feature.

Whatever the reason, it very effectively hides the existence of Sigma cameras for the majority of DPR users, I dare say.

There has been a rather convoluted explanation from DPR in this forum some time ago about this odd feature.

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