E5 shutter dies ... in the middle of shooting Taylor Swift

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Re: E5 shutter dies ... in the middle of shooting Taylor Swift

Unfortunately, it would seem that this shutters are simply not that sturdy. If anything, there are smaller parts in movement in our shutters compared to the larger ones, so they should be even sturdier than the others.

I know of at least one E-3 which had a shutter failiure at 45000.

As for shutter life ratings - decades ago french magazine Chasseur d'Images made a big test of the "big" shutters of the time (that was in film times, so they had to rig counters to actually count shutter actuations on the film cameras they tested).

The cameras tested were the Nikon F5, the big Minolta of the time (Maxxum 800i probably), and the Canon EOS-3 (I believe), which wasn't the top Canon dog, but was the first with a rotary magnets shutter (that's what it was called I believe).

The Minolta got a non shutter related problem at 75000 actuations and failed, the Nikon had some similar issue at 140000 I believe. The Canon went to 435000 actuations before they decided to stop the test, as all the other competitors were out of the picture for a long time.

Mind you, in film times, 75000 actuations in actual use meant something like "2100 rolls and seven grand later"

That was in the late 90s. I guess shutters have progressed at least a bit since then.

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