E5 shutter dies ... in the middle of shooting Taylor Swift

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Re: E5 shutter dies ... in the middle of shooting Taylor Swift

TheSquid wrote:

Those shutters were rated for 150,000 exposures...sometimes they fail early but most times not. I wonder since you've had 2 fail if there's something in how you're treating the equipment or your local weather that's killing them early? Granted, it shouldn't matter how you treat the equipment short of throwing the cameras off balconies to cause a shutter to fail.

The only thing I can think of is that, as a journalist, I often shoot with the drive going until the buffer fills. A lot of continuous 5fps action.

But the guys using Nikons are doing the same thing. Not sure how the shutter failure rate compares. I think Seiko supplies most of them to various brands.

Douglas Brown

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