E5 shutter dies ... in the middle of shooting Taylor Swift

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Re: E5 shutter dies ... in the middle of shooting Taylor Swift

Pikme wrote:

Bad luck twice with your E cameras can't induce much confidence. Especially now that Olympus has outsourced service and repair, that really concerns me.

Yeah, I never had a single shutter failure when I used Canon with three different bodies. still, i've been lucky to date. This is the first time ever a mechanical failure has ever impacted a shoot for me.

Your EM5 images of Taylor Swift are excellent, but I'm old enough to really hate that music is all about 'performance' and imagery, rather than music and talent. (Not a dig on Taylor, I've never heard her sing so have no idea about her talent. But imagery is clearly important.) If I hear one more time that some newcomer is the 'whole package' - and they aren't talking about singing quality - I'll pull what is left of my hair out.

I like Taylor to tell you the truth.

I've shot her twice in interview situations as well, and she comes across as genuine, smart and very nice. And I like that she writes, or co-writes, her own songs. That's a rare thing in mainstream Pop music.

In concert, her singing is as good as most of the other artists I've shot. No one is pitch perfect while going through the strenuous dance moves that an arena show demands, but she's mostly on-pitch live. Her voice could be a little stronger, that's all.

I heard she's taken vocal lessons, and for RED she's leaving almost an entire week between shows (except dates where there are multiple shows in the same city).
When she did her Speak Now tour she was performing practically every second night and by the end of the tour her voice was just a mess.

It's good that she's taking better care of herself.

Douglas Brown

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