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Re: Fuji for portraits?

digicosmos wrote:

So what I am hearing is that Fuji successfully attracted you, despite not having portrait photographers as their main marketing target. They must be doing something right, correct?

Like I said, I bought X100, X-Pro1, X100s only because of their OVFs. Then got X-E1 just to try out new stuff. Their strategy so far has been highly successful - they attracted other photographers than street. Now they are about to the real deal portrait lens. I don't see what is wrong with their strategy.

Yes, for sure, I am using Fuji and have sold all my Nikon gear, had Canon 5D MKII and a Nikon D800 to play with and decided to sell all and stick with the Fuji. Sensor wise I have no issues, the 60/2.4 terribly slow still, although better after the firmware upgrade, but all there is at this stage in AF lenses for portraits.

Let's just say I wouldn't have been unhappy if ZEISS had released a true 60/1.4 or 75/1.8 or 90/2.0.

But they didn't instead there is now a 12, 32 and then the next one a 50/2.8 Macro ... *sigh* You are saying that NOW they are about to the real deal portrait lens. Now as in 2014, right?

I guess you are right, the nailed it!



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