VF-4 is a Revelation

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Re: VF-4 is a Revelation

Trevor Carpenter wrote:

i can't help it but paying any money for a viewfinder seems wrong and paying that much feels like robbery. I'm pleased you like it

To each his own?

Given that I absolutely need a viewfinder at this point to compose anything with any degree of accuracy, I have no problem buying an external viewfinder, especially one as good as this one is.  Remember, I bought the camera with a full understanding that it did not come with a viewfinder, and if I wanted one I would have to either buy one separately or buy a camera with an integrated one.  I chose the separate in this case, since the camera body met my particular needs at the moment.

As an added bonus, the body and kit lens were downright cheap with this EPM2, and once I've added the EVF, I now have a camera that will work better for my purposes than the OMD (bigger EVF viewing area, smaller minimum focus box size....and I don't care one way or another about IBIS), and it was cheaper, to boot.  Price of the combo is less than the G6, with a better sensor and better EVF, so I am not sure why anyone would find this particularly "wrong"....It is what it is.

YMMV, as always...


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