Light lens for birding?

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Re: Light lens for birding?

I look at this same issue from time to time, and came to the conclusion that the excellent K30, with either the F or FA 300mm f4.5, plus a 1.4 or 1.7 TC might be a cost effective & lightweight solution. I have a 55-300 as well as a DA*60-250, but frankly find it hard to put time and effort into serious birding with the 55-300 when I know the IQ is nowhere near the same class as the 60-250, and 250mm is really not long enough.

My friend has a Nikon outfit and uses a 70-300, so she already has a big advantage in reach. Her plan, sooner or later, is to upgrade to a D7100 and get a Nikon 300mm f4, leaving me up the literally up the creek when it comes to getting close to her favourite subject on the banks of Brittany rivers - the kingfisher...

IQ with the Pentax 300mm f4.5 is by all accounts, superb, and both the F (880g) or FA (935g) can be found from time to time on the forums or on eBay. They work well with converters, so that would be one way to get the extra reach needed. The F version (880g) is comparatively light compared to the other prime options, or the equally rare but excellent Sigma 100-300 f4. Quite a costly set-up, but partially off-set by the low price of the K30.

In the meantime, I decided to take an alternative route to getting close to birds, and bought a kayak ...

Kind regards

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