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Re: As a D800 + 24-70 f2.8 shooter and RX1

Hawaii-geek wrote:


As a D800 + 24-70 f2.8 shooter for work (I shoot Nikon a lot and for pay) also have a99 + 24-70 f2.8 zeiss , and a RX1 user for almost everything else.

Here is my experience.

From the time I started shooting with the D700 and then D800 I have NOT carried my DSLR with me daily. much less the sb900 flash. that combo is heavy. You will quickly start limiting when you bring it out with you.

As a father, you will NEVER know when a "Moment" will happen. and if you take frequent trips , dragging that heavy combo will feel less and LESS worth it.

What I noticed is , FAMILY pics happen up close ... 35mm of the RX1 covers it. with 24mp you can easily cover 70mm on a crop. What makes the RX1 different is it's Superior Sensor and LENS that allows you to crop and still have a great shot.

What I just noticed on my recent Las Vegas trip is ... the Internal Flash at 35mm , and f2 thru f4 , at iso 1600 and above is CRAZY Good! You just need to comp DOWN the flash power at night.

I am now convinced, As a "FAMILY" camera the RX1 with 35mm is NOT Limiting in ANY WAY. As a TRIP camera SUPERIOR. and as good if not better than ANY Full Frame camera you can buy at any price. And that is purely on a IQ (Image Quality) Level.

Now, ADD in it's SMALL size ... PRICELESS !

I have been on many, many TRIPS with my D800/D700 + 24-70 f2.8 combo ... and I can tell you without Reservation that on my last trip with the RX1 I had ZERO , ZERO thoughts of my DSLR. The 35mm PRIME of the RX1 did not feel limiting at all. Period. The Focus , Good enough. In fact DMF AF with Manual Focus zoom with Peaking is MORE than Enough. Seriously.

imho, there is NOTHING that I felt would have been better served with a DSLR + 24-70 zoom. Now, "outside" of a trip ... say a soccer match, well you need a different tool.

For FAMILY pics ... SIZE and the ability to have it with you when a MOMENT happens is Priceless!

NOW, add in the FACT that you are carrying in your belt bag (in my case) a Full Frame camera with a Ziess f2 lens ... There will be NO Regrets ... YES, the RX1 is that GOOD !

imho, "only" a full time D800 shooter with top PRO f2.8 glass (or it's C equal) can tell you that on a Image Quality level , it "basically" the SAME.

And Bottom Line, is that not what you want to have with you ... ALL THE TIME ?

For me it's a NO Brainier, and for a surprisingly high amount of D800 shooters.

This is a RX1 Test gallery ... that I have pics from my recent Las Vegas trip , with some Tourist shots and family shots , and 2 video ... 10 day trip with "only" the RX1. Trust me, I did not think of my D800 not once. Yes the RX1 is "that" GOOD !


Hope this helps,


halfmonkey wrote:

I'm in the market to finally upgrade to full frame and I've narrowed down my choices to either the Sony RX1 or the Canon 5D iii. I know these two cameras are in completely different categories and that's what making the decision so difficult. I guess I wasn't really even considering the RX1 at first because of the fixed 35mm. It was the quality of the pictures and the size that drew me in. If I buy the 5D iii, I'd purchase the 24-70 ii lens with it to start off.

So I know that deciding which camera to pick will ultimately fall to my style of shooting but I'd like to ask for your guys' opinion or suggestions on things to consider when deciding between the two cameras.

I would probably say that my primary focus at this point is taking pictures of my little kids. They're 5.5, 4, and 6 months. I guess one of the main things holding me back on the RX1 is the fixed 35mm lens. I know it's generally considered a walkaround lens, maybe a little on the wide side but non-the-less, a usable walk around lens.

I've compiled my list of pros and cons for each. Please feel free to give feedback to suggest things to consider for each.



1. small - I guess the first rule of taking a great picture is to have the camera with you in the first place.

2. cheaper than the 5D iii


1. fixed 35mm lens; non-changable - not necessarily the best for shots of kids

2. accessories are extremely expensive



1. interchangable lens - allwos for flexibility


1. heavy and large - there not as portable as I'd like. Can't just throw in a bag or wife's purse or pocket

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Please feel free to criticize, make suggestions, and edit any of my photos & re-post, to help show me 'the way'. * I am trying to Elevate the Level of my 'Snap Shots'

The main thing holding me back on the RX1 is really just the fixed 35mm lens. I'm currently using a Canon S95 and an old Canon Xti with kit lens so I know that buying any currently camera will be a step better than what I currently have. I've been messing with the RX1 in the Sony stores and I love the camera. The price is shocking and the accessories is out of this world really for no other reason than because they can charge those prices for the accessories. I understand why the RX1 is priced as is and although it is expensive, it does seem to be priced about what I would expect something like this to sell for. I'd personally like it to come down to about $2k.

As far as your points, like I said, the first rule of taking a great picture is you have to have the camera in the first place. This goes to what you're saying and what I've been thinking. Even if the RX1 doesn't fit all scenarios, it'll fit most of what I want because I'll have it with me and I'll be able to take some kind of picture at great quality even if it's not the best of the best from a DSLR where I can customise the lens to fit the situation.

Yes for sports and such, it will not work and worse case scenario, I still have my XTi. It's not a great camera but it is relatively small and I can still use it to take decent pictures when more of a zoom is needed.

This past weekend, I was using my S95 and taking pictures all on the wide end trying to keep the aperature open as much as possible without using the flash to get an idea of what the image may look like if I were to take the picture using the 35mm fixed on the RX1. It's definitely a different process. Obviously, first off, you're closer to the subject.

I know people have dissed the AF on the RX1 but seeing that I'm coming from an S95 and XTi, I'm going to saying that with registered face recognition, 25 points of focus, full frame sensor, and better ISO performance, I'll still get more usable pictures than what I'm currently getting from my current cameras.

After reading all of the responses to my question this weekend, it got me thinking that maybe I was limiting myself and so I looked at the Fuji Xpro-1 Nikon V1, Canon M, and Sony Nex7. After doing some looking, I've kind of ruled those out simply because, the lens on them weren't of very high quality and they didn't receive the same rave reviews as the RX1. Out of all of them, the Nex7 was the one I looked at the most. Even in its kit form, it would be better than my S95 and more than likely better than my XTi but the changable lens system is still developing and they're very much holding the camera back. I know you can add the A lenses wth an adaptor but then I get back to my original concern which is size and bulk and then witht he cost of the adaptor and A lens and Nex7, I'm pretty much right where the RX1 is.

I'll play with my S95 more at the wide angle lens to simulate 35mm and see how I like that to help determine if I'd be able to work with the fixed 35mm on the RX1.

Again, if you have any thoughts or suggestions on what to look for, please let me know. I think I'll look at the new Leica to see if maybe that might work since it does have a little bit of a zoom lens but it doesn't appear to be fast at all.

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