Question About OM-D for the OM-D Users

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Either is a capable system

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I use the OM-D fairly seriously, as my only camera.  I picked up a Nex-6 with the 16-50 in a store yesterday and after using my OM-D for a year now the Nex didn't feel instantly better in any way.  With the OM-D I initially felt that the add on grip made a big difference, and while I still love it for longer lenses I rarely attach it any more and basically have adapted my grip to the OM-D.  With the sticky thumb rest on the back it works very well.

The Nex-6 viewfinder, while higher resolution, doesn't do it for me either.  I can't quite explain it, but things like the exposure settings and so on are just a bit smaller and I found it much harder to get a quick sense of how the camera was set, and a bit harder to see the corners and compose in the NEX's viewfinder (I wear glasses).

I'm not arguing against the NEX, but rather just saying that familiarity will negate many of the spec sheet and in store handling differences.  I don't find the 16 MP holds me back, but I do think that landscape photography may benefit from the extra resolution if you print large.  For what I do 16MP is enough to get incredibly sharp and detailed images if you set your mind to it.

Dynamic range wise, I do feel there are situations where shadows get unruly, and occasionally have trouble with reds and magentas from RAW files blocking up, but I felt the same about my last Canon dSLR so that may just be me or how things are when you've exceeded the dynamic range of a sesnor

This shot below, from this weekend, is an example of what you can do with this camera and the inexpensive 40-150mm lens (I paid $90 new from Olympus for it!).  I'm certainly happy with the results in most situations.  I do own the 12-50mm lens and find it is better than I imagined it would be.  That said, I can't imagine buying the OM-D or the NEX and just staying put with the one kit lens.  Both systems have bargain primes available that kick up the image quality and low light ability a notch.  The Sigma primes are good but cheap, and really having a 2nd lens puts the 'I' in MILC.  Why buy an interchangeable lens camera system and use one lens?

I don't personally think you will notice a huge difference between the NEX's IQ and the OM-D's.  The NEX system can certainly expand into lenses that combined with the sensor will get you thinner DOF, but the MFT system tends towards being more compact.  You may find one suits your style better and you get better results because of it, but I doubt that anyone would get seriously different results from these two cameras in a similar situations.

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