GR — capable camera but stereotyped use

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Daido Moriyama

I think many of the Ricoh users secretly want to be Daido Moriyama...

For those of your who don't know Moriyama, he is a famous japanese street photographer who has used a Ricoh film camera for the majority of his photos. Recently he was given a Ricoh GR digital camera and he has started using it.

I have mixed feelings on the quality of his work, but I really do like the guy and his story (there are several documentaries about him on YouTube and other sites).

Anyway, to get the Daido Moriyama look you basically make your black & white super contrasty (too much), have loose or sloppy composition, and make sure your images are mostly out of focus. I'm only half kidding but many of his famous photos are exactly that. He admits to being a somewhat lazy photographe,r but somehow this all comes together as a style that he can own. I do appreciate a LOT of his work but much of it leaves me shaking my head.

Having said that I'm facinated by the man and will probably adopt some of his style into my own work.

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