teleconverter or longer zoom for 5100

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Re: teleconverter or longer zoom for 5100

As usual, a flood of advice, much of it good. I would not however recommend the Tamron 18 - 270mm PZD zoom as it is not very sharp at the long end, which is where you would use it most of the time. I know because I use this lens and very recently was able to compare it with a Sigma 120 - 400mm zoom and the difference in image sharpness (much worse on the Tamron) made me cry into my beer. I used both on a recent trip to the KP and the Sigma was on my camera most of the time.

A trip to the Kruger could be one of those trips in a lifetime and is well worth spending money on a decent lens - the lens rental advice sounds really good.

In the bush you will mostly want to use a telephoto length lens and in fact something longer than a 300mm zoom is better. I used a 300mm zoom previously (good quality model) and after a while, it was simply not effective enough - animals don't usually pose next to your car so you need as much reach as you can afford.

The best one size fits all recommendation has been made - the Nikon 18 - 300mm but it is beyond most people's budgets. Perhaps this is the one to rent - the no hassle factor of not having to change lenses will add a lot of pleasure to your trip. And you will use 18mm a lot in Cape Town.

If you need dramatic wide angles, it is easy using software to join two overlapping images to get a wider perspective.

Regarding the Lumix FZ200, it is a great camera but is incapable of producing high quality images due to the tiny sensor it uses and the image noise it generates - it is best used for snapshot sized images or general scenery to be viewed on a TV screen. The long end of the zoom lens generates softer images with somewhat fuzzy edges, so sharpness is always compromised.

I make these comments against the standard which your D5100 generates.

Have a happy trip and always keep your possessions close at hand, preferably out of sight in a bag - I know, I live in SA and am always sorry to give this advice but a happy visitor to one of the most scenic countries on earth is what we need.

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