Lenses: Did they get it right??

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Fuji for portraits?

digicosmos wrote:

Bear in mind that the first camera of the X-Series cameras is the X100, a compact designed with the rangefinder concept in mind. Naturally, rangefinders are aimed more at street photographers who need their cameras to be unobtrusive. The X-mount cameras are designed with the same rangefinder concept in mind. Then, I guess it's no surprise why Fuji should choose 35mm (50mm equivalent) and 18mm (28mm equivalent) focal lenses. Then Fuji tried to compliment the line-up by adding a 60mm f2.4 Macro lens for portrait and macro photographers. However, I don't think many people who only shoot portraits will be interested in the X system. There are so many SLRs that can do much better jobs than the X system cameras.

Personally I wouldn't have bothered the x system cameras if x-e1 were the first camera of the line up, because it's just like another NEX-6/7 competitor with a built in EVF. I love the OVFs on X100/s and X-Pro1, and this is the reason why I am a fuji fan. In other words, fuji is actually doing the right thing, because it successfully lured me to get an x-e1 too. I can't be happier with the lenses. They are perfect for street photography.

I need a reasonable diopter comp wheels these days, nothing serious but reason enough to like the X-E1 better.

I don't agree regarding the Fujis not being attractive for portraits photographers, since I take portraits and can't see how DSLRs can do better jobs than the Fujis? I have a model photo shoot next Friday here in Auckland and will only take the X-E1 plus the 60/2.4 and a Nikkor 105/2.5 AI-S. I did one a few weeks ago where we had 2 D800 (not the E version, just the standard) and a Canon 5D MKIII. I then did some serious pixel peeping and stripped the pics off the exif and shared with some friends and had them chose ... I personally liked the skin tones and the micro contrast of the Fuji better than the D800 files or the Canon's. Didn't expect the results to be so close eitehr since the D800 is a bomb regarding resolution ... softer though at pixel level.

Will ask a model on Friday whether I could disect a couple of shots of her to share here on dp ... maybe .. wait .. here is a crop of a 17-year old male, maybe this gives an idea .. quite close taken with the 60/2.4:

Single softbox, no reflector, processed in Capture One Pro 7



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